Meet the Film Team

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Medical History Pictures (MHP) is a Pennsylvania 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation committed to public education about medical sciences through the development, production and broad dissemination of compelling documentary film and video coupled with continued outreach programming. HILLEMAN was the first film released by Medical History Pictures. The film was directed by Donald Rayne Mitchell and co-produced by Gloria Lewis:

Donald Rayne Mitchell is founder and owner of Eyeline Pictures, LLC. He has directed television commercials, dramatic narrative and documentary-style films for the past 28 years. Known for his work with real people, he is adept at interviewing and weaving together a story in the editing room. His work in the medical realm is extensive, with a profound ability to grasp complex medical information and translate it to a lay audience. He is the winner of three Philadelphia Independent Film/Video Subsidy Grants as well as the recipient of two honors from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts: an Individual Artist Grant and a Media Arts Fellowship.

Gloria Lewis is a founding partner, president and executive producer of Cornerstone Pictures. With more than two decades of experience in the field she has produced everything from commercials, films, documentaries and television series, such as Cold Case. Filming all over the country, Gloria has worked for national and local clients, including The White House Campaign for Mammography, Conair, Ford, Mattel, Cuisinart, Penn Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia among many others. Her work making long-format educational films for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia inspired her current efforts to establish Medical History Pictures and co-produce HILLEMAN – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children.


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Assets created for HILLEMAN are also used in the Vaccine Makers Project (VMP) as part of a school-based curriculum that educates about the immune system, diseases, and vaccines. To find out more about the VMP and learn about the free lessons and related materials, visit the Vaccine Makers Project website.


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The Hilleman film and Vaccine Makers Project were originally sponsored by the
Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (VEC). The Vaccine Makers Project has now become the classroom program of the VEC. The VEC team is composed of scientists, physicians, mothers and fathers devoted to the study and prevention of infectious diseases. To find out more about the VEC and the programs offered, visit the Vaccine Education Center website.