"The Hilleman Chronicle" Newsletter Archive

On this page you will find links to past issues of our newsletter for science and history enthusiasts, The Hilleman Chronicle. Issues are sent quarterly (4 issues/year). 

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2024 Issues 

  • February 2024 – The role of maternal antibodies; VEC website updates to “Vaccine History: Scientists – In Memoriam” and “Vaccine Availability Timeline” pages 
  • May 2024 – New film, Pennsylvania: At the forefront in the prevention of infectious diseases now available; the 2023 MRH student essay contest winners; a look at examples of societal factors affecting disease spread 

2023 Issues

  • March 2023 – A look at ethics in science; film and video resources including interview clips with Dr. Stanley Plotkin
  • May 2023 – The history of the FDA; historical images published by the National Institutes of Health; why the month of May is significant to smallpox vaccination history 
  • August 2023 – An exploration of Dr. Hilleman’s legacy; documentary, Marion Gruber: Preparedness Is Prevention, now available for a behind the scenes look at the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR)
  • November 2023 – A look at viral evolution; the 2023 MRH student essay contest winners; explore the history of polio in America