Directed by Donald Rayne Mitchell and co-produced by Gloria Lewis, HILLEMAN – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children tells the inspiring story of Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, a man with a singular, unwavering focus — to eliminate the diseases of children. From his poverty-stricken youth on the plains of Montana, he came to prevent pandemic flu, develop the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, and invent the first-ever vaccine against human cancer. Through exclusive interviews with Dr. Hilleman and his peers, rare archival footage, and 3-D animations, the film puts a human face to vaccine science, revealing the character that drove this bold, complex, and heroic man. 

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How to obtain the film 

HILLEMAN is distributed by First Run Features and is available in several formats: 
Rent or Purchase Streaming, Buy DVD, Buy Blu-ray.

Subtitles included with the streaming format: English (United States), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Romanian 

  • Subtitles available on DVD: English, Spanish and Romanian
  • All nine animations available on both DVD and Blu-ray

Screening License Information

License type and screening fees are determined by First Run Features based on factors such as the number of times you plan to show the film, audience size or venue, and desired format. 

Public Performance Rights License (PPR)

This license gives you the legal right to show the film and provides you with a copy of the film in a format that works with your audio/visual setup. 
The cost is usually between $150-350. 

Educational Screening License

This license is for classroom use only and does not cover any public screenings.  
If your institution uses educational streaming platforms, the film is also available on Kanopy Streaming:
The institutional DVD Price is $295.  

Digital Site License (DSL)

This license permits a client to host and stream the licensed content on a password protected server. DSLs are available in 1, 3 and 5 year terms, and in some cases for the "Life of the File Format." Clients who opt for a 3+ year DSL receive a free DVD (no PPR- Public Performance Rights).  
License fees are as follows for a single title:

  • 1 year/$99
  • 3 years/$249
  • 5 years/$399
  • Life of the file format/$499

If you are interested in coordinating a public or private screening of the film, licensing the film, or have related questions, please visit our contact page or send an email to, so that we can assist you or put you in touch with FRF's licensing contact.